what makes a good preschool?

Holy Apostles’ Pre-school Pirates Topic

The pre-schoolers have been having lots of fun finding out about pirates this term.

We often ponder the question: what makes a good preschool? In short, the answer is nurturing the children’s passions and talents.

With this in mind, we chose the topic because a number of children expressed an interest in pirates and pirate stories so we thought about essential pirate equipment!

We talked about telescopes and how the pirates would look for other boats on the high seas! Let’s walk the plank.

Eli was keen to look for information in a pirate book before he set about making his telescope!

Bella is decorating her telescope adding lots of sequins and jewels! This enables the children to be creative and develop their fine motor movement.

Bella prep school
What makes a good preschool? Creative fun, of course.

Lily checked the view through her beautifully decorated telescope!


We had lots of fun counting doubloons developing our numeracy skills. We then pressed them into our squidgy yellow play-dough. This activity proved very popular with the children and provided lots of opportunities for conversation with the adult practitioner.

play dough

We talked about pirates at carpet time and thought about how we could make our own pirate boat at pre-school. We used a large box together with sheets for the sea and our telescopes at the ready to sail the high seas! The weather was sunny for a couple of days so we were able to take our role-play outside.

creative fun

There were lots of opportunities for role-playing to develop and the children used the props they had made. There was lots of talk about treasure and how many doubloons they could count.

Pre School

Some of the children also made treasure maps out of tea-stained paper, which looked like parchment!

what makes a good preschool?

Emrys came to pre-school dressed for pirate adventures.


When people ask us the question, ‘what makes a good preschool?’, at its core, it’s putting the children’s passions at the heart of everything we do.

That said, this was a very successful topic, which was a result of following the children’s interests.