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Take a Virtual Tour of Holy Apostles’ Pre-School

Here we are in November 2020, partway through a second lockdown due to Covid-19 and we are still not able to welcome prospective parents into our preschool to enable them to see us at work and decide whether Holy Apostles’ Preschool is the right setting for their child.

We decided that the next best thing to do, with current parents’ permission, was to film a short introductory video so that parents can see a snapshot of our nursery school in Cheltenham, what we do, and share the video with their child. Apologies for the cutting but we are not filmmakers although it can be another lockdown skill to learn!

We have aimed to give you a little insight into a preschool day to help you decide on a nursery school in Cheltenham.

The children are currently learning about space and the solar system and we included fireworks in the topic too! There is a lovely exchange with Hannah about her purple unicorn in the sky!

Then we hear the children singing our ‘Good Morning’ song in English, French and Italian as well as signing the words! Carpet time is a daily routine which teaches the children to listen to each other and builds their confidence to talk in front of a group. It is an opportunity to share news and for the practitioners to do a short learning input about our topic.

We then take a look outside the preschool at our beautiful grounds and the fantastic equipment we have. There are opportunities for all areas of learning to be promoted and this winter we are making a special focus on staff leading learning in the outdoor environment. Whilst Covid-19 remains with us we will try to spend the maximum time outdoors and so we have asked parents to send their children suitably ‘layered up’ so that they can enjoy all the activities comfortably!

Finally, we have a look at snack time which is a sociable time for the children sitting in a group of 8 with one adult helping them as required. This is a further opportunity to promote their independence in readiness for school. Parents provide their child’s snack and we return anything that is uneaten so that you know what your child has had! We are a nut-free zone to protect any allergy sufferers.

I hope that you have found the video helpful in choosing a nursery school in Cheltenham and that it supplements the website. If you have any further questions, I am happy to respond via telephone or email. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Holy Apostles’ Preschool.

Chris Brooker

Preschool Leader