Speak Scruffy! Have a Go! The new French language-learning book from Katy Unsworth

We are really excited to share with you that one of our team, Katy Unsworth, has just heard that her first book has been published and is currently available on pre-order.

Katy has always enjoyed travelling and has a degree in French and sociology. Many children are introduced to the experience and concept of travel when they are very young. Katy passionately believes in the importance of building confidence in language learning from an early age and in fostering an appreciation and respect for other cultures.

The central character in the book is a dog, inspired by Katy’s own dog also called Scruffy!

Scruffy is an adventurous dog who wants to explore the world but finds himself a little bit lonely and a little bit confused…until he has a go.

“Speak Scruffy! Have a Go!” is a French language-learning bilingual picture storybook, written for children of approximately 3–8 years of age. It introduces the concept of travel and languages. It is a first step in developing young children’s ability to communicate with French speakers, aided with pronunciation hints such as for ‘thank you’ there is ‘merci’ (mair-see).

This phonetic approach will help children and families to communicate essential language with confidence when they travel. In addition to the enjoyment of learning a language, parents and teachers can foster an appreciation and respect for other cultures.

This is an entertaining, uplifting, interactive story about a dog’s journey, not just a travelling journey, but a journey which involves uncertainty, kindness, understanding the world better, perseverance, building confidence, celebrating difference and gaining a new language skill. It’s a fun, shared experience to be read over and over again.

literacy activities for preschoolers

Learning a language provides many benefits such as improving cognitive function. Languages are a lifelong skill that can be used in business and pleasure, enabling communication, discovery and a wider cultural understanding, which is why we encourage language and literacy activities for preschoolers.

We intend to further our language teaching at Holy Apostles Pre-school using this book, and also utilising our staff’s language skills. Not only do we have Katy’s French skills but we are very lucky to have Flo Rogazzo who is fluent in Italian! We have plenty of literacy activities for preschoolers with our talented teachers.

In the meantime, if you would like a copy of “Speak Scruffy! Have a Go!” then you can pre-order it now at austinmacauley.com, Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smiths and other retailers.

The publication date is the 30th October 2020. Katy would welcome on-line reviews.

We can’t wait to share it with our pre-schoolers and think it would make a lovely Christmas gift!

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