Penny Visit

Holy Apostles Church Visit and Pumpkin Hammering – September 2023

Visit from Penny – Holy Apostles Church – Thurs 2st Sept

On Thursday 21st September, Penny from Holy Apostles’ Church came to see us. She told us all about the Cornerstone Cupboard, a special shop where people who don’t have any money can go and get food. Penny said that the food we had collected for the Harvest Festival would join all the food that the school had collected, and the food that the Church had collected, and be given to the Cornerstone Cupboard. We were very happy that we could help other people!


Pumpkin Hammering – w/c: Mon 2nd Oct

Over the spring and summer, we had spent a lot of time watering and looking after our plants and we were very surprised when we returned after the Summer Holidays to find two giant pumpkins! This week we have been busy putting golf tees into them with mallets. It has helped us to get strong arms and hands, as well as helping us practice our hand-eye coordination, and of course, teaching us to be safe with tools!

Here are some photos of us having fun hammering!