Remembrance Display

Fireworks, Diwali and Remembrance – November 2023

Fireworks and Remembrance

After a week off for the October Half-term, we were excited to come back to Pre-School and learn about Fireworks and Bonfire Night. We shared our experiences of firework displays and events, and talked about the noises they made as well as the beautiful patterns they created. We created our own fireworks pictures by tapping a paintbrush to create splats and drips on the paper, then added glitter to make it sparkle.

creating own fireworks
Remembrance Display

Our first week back was a busy one because it was also Remembrance Day. We talked about why lots of people were wearing poppies and what that signified. Mrs Prescott showed us her Grandads medals from the 2nd World War and talked about how many other people were not as lucky as him, and didn’t come back from the war. We made our own poppy wreath for the window to show that we were thinking about all the people who died to protect our country.


At Pre-school we learnt about Diwali, a festival celebrated by Hindu’s. We read a story called ‘Dipal’s Diwali’, where we learnt about how Dipal and his family celebrated Diwali. We then made our own Rangoli patterns on paper plates using dabbers, or 2D shapes to create.

Dipal's Diawli
Dipal's Diwali
Dipali's Diwali

We talked about what other things we might celebrate together, such as birthdays and Christmas, and what different things people do to celebrate these special occasions.