Storytime at preschool

World Book Day at Holy Apostles’

We have been story making ‘The Gruffalo’ at Holy Apostles’ Pre-school!

The children chose their favourite story to create their Gruffalo story box. There were some very excited faces when the soft toy characters arrived in the children’s playgroup class!

Children’s playgroup

To start with, we laminated some pictures from the story and together with the animals and storybook, and the box was all ready to go! Once the box was all ready to use as part of the children’s playgroup activities, the children took turns acting out the animal’s part and made the correct sign. They listened carefully and sequenced the story by following the story map.

We read ‘The Gruffalo’ story and decided on the actions that we would use for the animals when we retold the story without the book. Here you can see us making the sign for the mouse’s whiskers and learning the fox’s stealthy moves!

Children’s playgroup

Once the children had familiarised themselves with the main characters, actions and sequence of the story, they were very keen to investigate the story box and develop storylines of their own.

During the week at Holy ApostlesPreschool we enjoyed making the characters and scenery that would go pride of place on our children’s playgroup display board. We used lots of different materials to make the animals look life-like!

The children were very pleased with their display board because they had all helped to make the individual pieces. They worked cooperatively and helped each other to think about the props we needed to tell the story. The children had the opportunity to paint a Gruffalo inspired picture or draw a story map.

Children’s playgroup

We ended the week here at Holy Apostles’ by celebrating World Book Day. We encouraged the children to wear a costume and to bring a favourite book into preschool so that we could read together throughout the day. There was a wonderful variety of costumes and the children enjoyed sharing their books.

We believe that children’s playgroup should be fun, and the Holy Apostles’ pre-schoolers have had a brilliant week listening to lots of their favourite stories and learning how to story make The Gruffalo.