Holy Apostles' Pre-School Cheltenham

The Human Body

This week the children at playgroup are learning about the Human Body following children’s requests.

We started thinking about our five senses and explored our touch with our ‘feely box’ activity. We had to guess the contents of the box, which contained jelly, baked beans and hard pasta (in separate compartments!)

We coloured and scented our play dough and we had to guess the smell – today it was mint and lemon.


At carpet time we thought about what was inside our bodies; underneath our skin we agreed that we had muscles, bones and blood. Then we thought about what pumps the blood around our bodies and how exercise affects our heart rate. We jumped up and down counting to 10 and then stopped to feel our heart beat.

Some children brought in books from home about the human body and we found out about our brains and learnt that neurons join together to enable our brains to send messages to other parts of our body – we checked this out by deciding to wave our hands – goodbye!