Planting seeds outside preschool

Exploring the Outdoor Environment at Holy Apostles Preschool Cheltenham

The pre-schoolers have been enjoying the recent good weather! Here at
Holy Apostles preschool Cheltenham, we are very lucky to have such an exciting outdoor area to explore. Our latest topic, following children’s interests, was all about planting and getting our beds ready for vegetables and flowers.

digging outside preschool

We welcomed Mr Turner to our pre-school who helped us dig over the soil and add some fresh compost in readiness for planting. We planted some courgettes, tomatoes, sweetcorn and butternut squash then, Mr Turner explained that we needed to water them and wait for them to grow! We will be able to take some of our vegetables home and ask our parents to cook them for us to eat later this term.

watering outside preschool

After we had planted our beds out it was time to plant our individual sunflowers. Mrs Brooker explained that we were using bio-degradable pots to help the environment. We filled our pots with compost and poked our finger in to make a hole for the seeds! We took our sunflowers home with careful instructions to water them and put them in a sunny position!

We have also been spending time exploring Holy Apostles’ Preschool’s outdoor classroom and trim trail. We loved building our ‘camp fire’ and telling stories as we sat around it. We helped each other to gather the wood and George and Theo were keen to demonstrate their skills in rubbing sticks together in order to ‘light’ the fire.

We also had great fun using the trim trail; we demonstrated our skills in balancing on the beam, logs and swinging on the rope. We also understood that we needed to wait to take turns on the equipment.

The children also enjoyed looking for bugs in the outdoor classroom; they took specimen tubs with them to help magnify the bugs! We have rebuilt our bug hotel behind preschool and the children can turn over logs to check what is hiding underneath and observe different types of bee that visit the wildflower garden.

Whilst out on their nature walk the children gathered fallen petals, leaves and twigs which they collected to use to make beautiful collages. The children at Holy Apostles’ preschool Cheltenham have had a wonderful time outdoors discovering their local environment.