walking on our nature hunt

Nature Hunt and Our Outdoor Classroom – September 2023

Nature Hunt – Wednesday 13th September

On a lovely Wednesday afternoon, we went off to explore all the outdoors around Pre-School. We took bags with us and went looking for different nature things that we could collect and take back to Pre-School.

We found lots of leaves and twigs, and we used them to make a face, just like the book Mrs Prescott had read to us the day before. We also found some berries but we knew not to collect those because they were for the animals and could make us poorly.

children at holy apostles

While we were exploring, we took a sneaky peak inside the Outdoor Classroom, where Miss Green had been busy with the school children making animals with the spare willow from the willow arches; can you guess what they have made?

children at holy apostles

We finished our lovely afternoon day with a story under the trees, before it was time to go back into Pre-School to go home.

We had a wonderful time exploring and can’t wait to do it again soon!

Explore the Outdoor Classroom – 15th September

children at holy apostles

On Friday, we had the Outdoor Classroom to ourselves to explore. We started by sitting at Basecamp in the middle of the Outdoor Classroom so that we could learn the rules for the area; can you remember what they were?

  1. No Picking, no licking
  2. Be careful of the prickly plants
  3. Listen for ‘Base Camp’ call
  4. Listen to your teachers.

Then we got to go off and explore with our friends. We went through the woods, climbing over and under the tree branches. We went into the willow den were we found a see-saw to play on.

children at holy apostles

We had great fun exploring, making walking sticks, played on a seesaw, build dens and explored with our friends. We can’t wait to go back again!