New Term at Holy Apostles’ Pre-school – September 2019

It has been an exciting new start to the pre-school year at Holy Apostles’ Pre-school! We have welcomed 25 wonderful new families, and the children have been learning all about our pre-school promises and all the exciting activities we do as part of our routine. 

The day starts with carpet time, which is usually followed by the children’s choice of activity – there’s lots to choose from, both inside and outside. We’ve been very lucky to have lots of good weather so far, so we’ve been able to go outside at some point each day. The children have enjoyed exploring the range of activities we have available to them. 

The children have been getting to know their new friends at the sand table – no matter at what age kids start preschool, this is a great way to help promote their fine motor movement, and it also helps them to develop their use of language and their social development. 

We have several different play apparatuses outside, and there was great excitement especially when the new slide arrived – Darcy was keen to try it out, eagerly climbing up the steps! 

We love reading and listening to stories during the day at Holy Apostles’ Pre-school, too. There are lots of opportunities to listen to a story with a member of staff – here’s one of our children enjoying a storybook with Kaye! 

There are also plenty of chances for children to enjoy some quiet time in our cosy playhouse to look at books. There are lots of different options for the children to pick from, no matter what age they start preschool – here’s one of our children looking at a picture book with lots of colourful animal characters! 

The children then have the chance to enjoy a ‘rolling snack-time.’ This is when eight of them sit down together to enjoy their snack that they have brought with them from home. It is also an opportunity to have a chat with their friends and the member of staff with them. These snacks look especially tasty! 

After rolling snack-time, the children are encouraged to go and play some more, using all the resources we have available for them. There are tons of different toys and activities they can enjoy, both indoors and outdoors, and we rotate the activities regularly to make sure they try a wide enough variety and learn lots of new things every day. 

Despite only being with us for a couple of weeks so far, our pre-schoolers have settled into our preschool morning routine well and look forward to coming back each day!  

We’ve recently had a lot of families interested in bringing their children to Holy Apostles Pre-school asking: “at what age do kids start preschool?”, and we’re happy to say that we accept two, three and four-year-olds at all our sessions. We still have a few places remaining at all our afternoon sessions, and a full day is available on a Friday. So, if you’d like your child to join us, please telephone 01242 526858 or email to make an enquiry.