Local Nurseries

Please find below our pre-school session times.

Choose from flexible sessions to suit you and your child. We will always try and accommodate as much or as little as you would like them to do.

We believe in being a traditional, home from home, preschool. We enjoy planning a range of exciting activities that explore different topics and encourage learning. Equally, we love to be led by the children and their questions and will often be guided by them when we’re looking at different themes. Our sessions include lots of stories and singing at circle time, outside play on the playing field and creative play with paint, sand and water.

All the children are allocated a Key Person who will supervise their activities and monitor their progress by making regular assessments, following the Early Years Foundation guidelines.

At the end of each session, we will send your childs learning journal home with them as we like to update it with a summary of their day and pictures of the activities they have done. We encourage parents to write in them too to help your child share their news with us and you can use this is a way of communicating with your child’s Key Person directly. Of course, our door is always open and if you ever wish to discuss anything regarding your child.

We advise putting your child’s name down for Pre-school sessions as soon as possible. We are experiencing high demand at the moment. Please do contact us to arrange a visit to see our facilities and meet the staff. We’d love to hear from you!

Pre-school hours/days:

Pre-school opening hours are Monday – Friday 9am to 3pm during term time.

We offer a morning (9am -12pm) session and afternoon (12pm -3pm) session daily with the option for those aged 3 and over to stay for the whole day 9am – 3pm.

Each child may attend 2-10 sessions a week